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Industrial Ozone generators, analyzers, monitors, Commercial Ozone generators, ozone monitoring

Teledyne Instruments, Inc.
9970 Carroll Canyon Road,
San Diego, CA 92131, USA
Toll free: 1-800-798-4029
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Air cooled ozone generators Water cooled ozone generators
Methyl Iodide AnalyzerHydrogen Peroxide
                       Hydrogen Peroxide Analyzer                   
IN USA's H2O2 Analyzer, also known as our dFFOZ-P™, incorporates state-of-the-art technology and is designed to be used in numerous industrial applications. It can offer In-situ monitoring and is capable of handling In-line flow rates of up to 150SLPM. Our analyzer provides continues measurement of Hydrogen Peroxide that range from incredibly dilute concentrations up to very high concentrations. Typical product features include:

  In-Situ monitoring
  Microprocessor-based operation and control
  Semiconductor-grade wetted materials
  Operates in high temperatures ( up to 140°C)
  No consumables
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